Allison Charles, Kindergarten Teacher

From Allison Charles, Kindergarten Teacher:


1.  What role do you have here at C-S Elementary and how long have you been here?

Allison Charles, 1st year K teacher, last year 2nd grade permanent sub. I currently teach Kindergarten at Climax-Scotts


2. Why did you decide to work with students in education?

I love to be a part of the process of learning. One of the best things is to see a new idea, concept, or skill “click” with a student. Watching the students grow from the beginning of the year to who they become by the end of year is a great privilege to witness. Beyond learning, it is exciting to be such an important part in the “growing up” process of a child. It is a very entertaining, and rewarding job.


3. We know learning takes place every day, but can you name 2-3 fun educational activities you do with your students throughout the year?

Allison and Loren (1)The first week of reading month also coincides with Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Both  Kindergarten teachers read Dr. Seuss books all week, made Thing 1 and Thing 2 out of our handprints, and we wrote stories about what we would do if we were Thing 1 or Thing 2. We made up silly “Seussical stories” using word families and had Seuss themed centers. We ended our Seuss week with a birthday party for Dr. Seuss where we tried green eggs and ham, hop on popcorn, and red fish in blue juice! 

We also play great learning games where children get to practice the skills we’re learning every day through dramatic play and movement. After Art Week, the two Kindergarten classes held a Fun Friday where we learned how art and music can make us feel a certain way. We used the movement of our bodies to express what the music made us feel. We made up lots of fun and detailed stories about the music that we heard!