Mrs. Boomershine, Teacher, 1st Grade

Meet Lori Boomershine

First Grade Teacher


My name is Lori Boomershine, and I have been working at Climax-Scotts Schools for ten years.  During those ten years, I have had the privilege of teaching fourth and fifth grade students and most recently have been teaching in the first grade.  I love teaching first graders because they “magically” become readers during their first grade year, and I get to watch it all happen!

I also love to be in the kitchen.  My favorite thing to do in the kitchen is to bake cookies, preferably chocolate chip! 

In my family, I have a husband, four sons, and a married step-son and step-daughter.  I also have a year old grandson who is very fun to watch!

My family and I live in the home of my husband’s mom, and he helps run the family business, which is a retirement home.  Right now we have three older ladies who live in the home, and we all help take care of them.  I even get to do some of the baking and cooking, and they love my chocolate chip cookies! 

My “claim to fame” so to speak, is to teach in the same district that I grew up in as well as to teach in the same school from which my father retired.  When I taught fifth grade, I even had the very room that he had spent most of his 30 years teaching in!