We have several departments within our Business and Operations Area including; Business Office, Public Relations, Technology, Food Service, Transportation, and Maintenance.


Climax-Scotts Community Schools operates on a budget funded mainly by state aid and property taxes. The budget is managed by the business office, the Superintendent and the Board of Education in accordance with state regulations. An independent accounting firm conducts annual audits. Within the audit is the management discussion and analysis that offers financial statements about Climax-Scotts Community Schools for that fiscal year.

Contact Information:

Main Phone:  (269) 746-2400
Fax:  (269) 746-4374

Doug Newington, Superintendent
Phone: (269) 746-2401

Heather Wechsler, Communications & Public Relations
Phone: (269) 746-2402

Darcy Soule, Business Office
Phone: (269) 746-2404



Climax-Scotts Community Schools continue to improve and increase technology capabilities by purchasing new equipment and adding professional development for the staff and new classes for the students.  

Thomas Easley, Technology Director
Phone: (269) 746-2205



Climax-Scotts Community Schools believes that a nutritious and delicious breakfast and lunch is imperative for student learning.  We offer breakfast and lunch in each of our buildings.


A new application must be completed every year. If you do not submit a new form within 30 operating days, your child will automatically be charged the full price meal following that time frame. You will be responsible for the charges incurred because of the late submission. Only one application per family is needed. Applications are available with the links above or at any school office in the district. If you think there is a possibility that you might qualify, please fill it out as soon as possible. Please make sure you follow directions carefully as failure to do so may cause delays in the final approval process. This information is highly confidential and treated with the utmost respect. Children qualifying receive the identical lunch and go through the same serving line as the paying child. You will be notified of your status after we receive your application and it is processed.

External LinkTo make a Lunch account deposit

Contact Information:
Robin Peck, Food Service Supervisor
Main Phone:  (269) 746-2308
Fax:  (269) 746-4374



Climax-Scotts Community Schools provides transportation for our daily and special education routes.  We will send out a welcome back to school packet to each home of a registered student.  For more information please feel free to contact the transportation office.

Contact Information:
Tim Bridges, Transportation Director
Main Phone:  (269) 746-5130
Fax:  (269) 746-4374



Climax-Scotts Community Schools has two active school buildings; K-5 Elementary School in Scotts and the 6-12 Jr/Sr High School in Climax, totaling approximately 125,000 square feet.  For information regarding facility usage please feel free to contact the maintenance office.

Contact Information:
Scott Simmons, Maintenance Director
Main Phone:  (269) 746-2310
Fax:  (269) 746-4374