Alumni Spotlight

Parent Testimonials


Aaron Gruber, School of Choice parent “I chose C-S because of the attention my child receives. I love that the school is small enough so he can really get to know others and I love the sense of community”
Angie Kloosterman, School of Choice parent “Some of the things I heard that brought me here are that we have small classes and an amazing staff! We are made to feel like we matter and are part of the school; everyone is friendly and upbeat.”
April West, Climax-Scotts resident “I came here because I heard about the smaller classrooms, the community, and the great teaching staff. I love sending my girls to CS because they were welcomed here and they’re having fun and learning tons here! I also want to thank the bus drivers who always get my children to and from school safely!”
Audrey Kirby, Climax-Scotts resident “C-S is a one in a million school that focuses on each individual child in a welcoming, caring, concerned environment. There are so many wonderful opportunities and programs for the kids. The teachers are above average, caring, and wonderful communicators. The parents are welcomed to volunteer and participate which is great for all the kids.”
Audrey Kirby, Climax-Scotts resident “The kids are prepared socially and academically for middle school and beyond to be engaged in class discussions, self-driven, and responsible. The teachers work well with parents in communicating homework and engaging each child. There is a good emphasis in concrete math skills and reading comprehension & writing. The kids have gotten the help they need to understand all the basic foundations including common core math.”
Bridget Walman, Climax-Scotts resident “We love the compassion and one-on-one care that Climax-Scotts gives our children. They listen to our concerns and make it a positive environment for learning.”
Diane Wetters, Climax-Scotts parent "We enjoy C-S because the staff is fantastic, caring, and great with kids! There are small class sizes and more opportunities for one on one time with kids. The environment is very welcoming."
Jennifer Mills, Climax-Scotts resident “I love that the school is close-knit and really cares about each student! I wouldn’t change this school for anything!”
John & Kristin Wykoski, Climax-Scotts Residents "Our kids are the 5th generation to attend C-S, so while it was a natural choice for us to send our kids to C-S, we stay for the true sense of community, incredible support to parents and kids as well as the small class sizes that our kids thrive in. From the administration, to the teachers, to the support staff, we are thankful for all that C-S offers our family and community. "
Karrie Glenn, Climax-Scotts resident “I enjoy Climax-Scotts’ caring environment and being surrounded by staff that are concerned with my child’s well-being. My student gets that little bit of extra feedback we need to better help him with his learning.”
Rebecca Gates, Climax-Scotts resident “Teachers and staff are so readily available to discuss issues, invite & encourage parent interaction in the class. All the staff work 110% to make sure my child is the “best Zoe & Bella” they can be. They want my kids to be successful and go to any length to assure that they are given the tools and encouragement to do so.”
Robin Dewaters, School of Choice parent “The staff is always very friendly and accommodating and everyone is always welcoming."
RoseElla P. Lyke, School of Choice parent “I’ve heard this is a great school so I brought my grandson to the Pre-K Fours class. The staff is very friendly. The students are friendly. I love the fact that students are greeted by their names and the staff knows all of the children. It also has a “family” atmosphere. Julian loves coming to school He says ‘this is my school’! I have spoken to two former adult students (now in college) who say Climax-Scotts was the best growing up.”
Wendy Collver, Climax-Scotts resident “We love the “village feel” to learning.”