Welcome to the Climax-Scotts Pre-K Program!

Preschool Children Holding Hands

The Climax-Scotts Pre-K Program would like to welcome you and your child to the exciting world of Pre-K education!

The C-S Pre-K Program teachers are highly qualified and meet the standards required by the Michigan Department of Education and the Department of Human Services. The program is licensed by the Michigan Department of Human Services. All classes meet the ratio requirements required by the Michigan Department of Education and licensing.

C-S Pre-K Program uses a developmental approach to teaching, taking into account that each child is a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth.  Just as children sit before they walk, they must learn to use their hands, eyes, and ears in play before they can read and write. Play is an important and crucial part of the curriculum in our program. Other essential aspects of the curriculum include:

Counting and numbers
Science experiments
Play dough
Exposure to print
Art and Music
Listening to stories
Self-help skills
Fine and gross motor

These are all activities that help to prepare children for kindergarten.


Climax-Scotts Pre-K Program accepts three- and four-year-old children without regard to their race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or economic background. 


Climax-Scotts Pre-K Program offers a developmentally appropriate early childhood education program that meets the needs of the "whole child" and encourages the power of play.  Play is the primary occupation of a child.  The curriculum respects both the age and the individual needs of each child.  We provide a safe, healthy learning environment that will advance your child's physical and intellectual competence, communication and creativity.  Social and emotional development is encouraged to nurture self-esteem, social responsibility and pro-social skills.

The following goals guide us toward our vision of learning, growth, and fulfillment for all of our children:

  • Through the provision of a safe, caring, and supportive environment, our children will continue to develop in social, cognitive, language, motor, and self-help areas, with their current level of development serving as the focus of our beginning efforts.
  • Recognizing that language, speech, and all forms of non-verbal communication serve as the medium for learning, play, and social connection, developing communication skills will serve as a major focus of our daily activities.
  • In the classroom and on the playground, our children will experience school as an enjoyable activity, and will thus develop a life-long love of learning, inquiry, and play.
  • Through the total Pre-K experience, our children will become familiar with the routine and structured experiences of school and will thus become prepared for learning environments beyond Pre-K.
  • Staff and administrators will develop meaningful and supportive partnerships with families and the community for the purpose of facilitating children's growth and learning at home and school.


Enrollment is open to any child who will be three or four by September 1st of the current school year.  If you have questions regarding age requirements please contact the Pre-K staff.

Three Year Old Program Requirements

Required Documents for Admission:  Completed Application Packet
Read classroom newsletter
Volunteer and be a part of your child's education

PDF Document3's Application Packet

Four Year Old Program Requirements

Required Documents for Admission:  Completed Application & Enrollment Packet
Participate in two home visits (Fall/Spring)
Participate in family-teacher conferences (Fall/Spring)
Read classroom newsletter
Volunteer and be a part of your child's education

PDF Document4's Application Packet

Or call the Climax-Scotts Elementary School at 269.497.2100 when school is in session or contact the Central Administration Office at 269.746.2404 to obtain an application packet.



Climax-Scotts Pre-K is required to work with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to measure the effect of the state-wide Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP).  Information is sometimes collected about GSRP staff, enrolled children, and their families.  Program staff or a representative from MDE might:

  • Ask families questions about their child and family.
  • Observe children in the classroom.
  • Measure what children know about letters, words, and numbers.
  • Ask teachers how children are learning and growing.

Information from you and about your child will not be shared with others in any way that you or your child could be identified.  It is protected by law.


Questions?  Contact:  Jenny Neal at jenny.neal@csschools.net or (269)-497-2125 or KRESA at hsenroll@kresa.org or (269) 250-9333, 



 Great Start Readiness Program