June 19, 2024

KRESA Parent Advisory Committee Vacancy, Applications welcome

The KRESA Parent Advisory Committee was established to ensure parents of children with disabilities have input into the development of the countywide plan for special education programs and services. Meetings are an hour long and held bi-monthly virtually, except for March. The March meeting is held in person for two hours in the evening to review staff nominated for the Excellence in Special Education Award.

Climax-Scotts currently has one vacancy that needs to be filled. If you are interested in learning more or filling the vacancy please contact Jennifer Chiechi, Climax-Scotts Special Education Supervisor at Jennifer.chiechi2@csschools.net or 269-746-2333.This position is nominated by Climax-Scotts Community Schools Board of Education and appointed by KRESA’s Board of Education for a 3-year term.

Thank you for your consideration.